Baftas 15/02/2016 – Posted in: Awards

Time we spoke about some men’s fashion? We thought so too! Tonight we focused on the men at the Baftas, and surprisingly they did not disappoint! (Sorry ladies) Not only did we voted this hunky gentleman best dressed we also included them for our Man Crush Monday (congrats guys). Without further ado we chose Leonardo Dicaprio, Idris Elba and John Boyega! Leo wore a standard bow tie suit but we loved his sophistication and charm!

Idris rocked an all-black velvet number which we loved!! (can you tell he’s my favourite?) John Boyega wore similar to Idris in a velvet number but not only was his fashion on point but he won the Rising Star Award! Congratulations! We were so pleased for him, after recently watching Star Wars we can very much see why he won! The force was most certainly with him that night (sorry had to be said)