Client Feedback

A thoroughly enjoyable personal sopping session. Carlene understood exactly what I required and even though I asked for help buying a couple day dresses, we managed to buy four dresses, jeans and new underwear- Success!!

Joanne, 55

Once again, a friendly, welcoming service. Lengthy consultation meant that we were escorted to appropriate shops and my daughter was very successful in her purchases.
Knowledgeable service with supportive and objective advice. Highly recommended.

Emma, 27

Really enjoyed looking at styles for my body shape, tried things I wouldn’t have usually. Had a great time shopping with Carlene. Will definitely be back for another wardrobe update! Thanks very much.

Susan, 43

Carlene was so helpful the other week and has been in the past as well on about 3 occasions.

I was looking for a hat for my son’s wedding-we tried last month but it was too early for the new season hats so Carlene advised a good time to come back, whilst I was in the changing room with my wedding outfit on she found more hats/fascinators for me to try and we found the perfect one-the one in store was damaged so she suggested ordering it online so it would be brand new and well packaged-she helped me with the instore process and it arrived 2 days later.

I find her very helpful-she listens to what I want/need and is considerate in helping to find it. Thanks for providing this service-I’ve recommended it to many friends.

Emma, 43

Great service, Quick. Great choice of clothing great analysis. Friendly approachable.

Sandeep, 36

Such an excellent service. Carlene is friendly, down to earth and made the feel very comfortable on both my two visits. Carlene was able to pick clothes/ outfit that I never would have considered myself but that really suited me. I’ve recommended the service to a number of friends and will continue to do so.

Christie, 28

Really useful- opened eyes to new ideas and managed to get the things that I wanted ☺

Adam, 19

Really informative, enjoyable session. So good to have professional honest advice to try flattering shapes/colours which I wouldn’t have picked for myself. Will certainly let my friends know about Carlene! Fantastic.

Lesley, 63

Thank you for your help. I now know the best dress shape for me and have some new colours in my collection.

Emma, 29

Fantastic service- listened at beginning & thought exactly what was needed. Thoroughly enjoyed it, got me to try new ideas! Thank you.

Claire, 38

Excellent professional efficient service. Been a customer for a while now, and I love the personal one to one service, I am always coming back.



Very helpful. Good selection of dresses. Enjoyable day. Would do it again.

Christine, 60

Very much enjoyed my session with Carlene today. Found her to be very helpful, honest & personable. Found some great clothes which I’m very happy with. Thank you!

Debbie, 42

I found the service very helpful- managed to buy something. I wouldn’t normally wear and have received some good advice. Carlene is lovely + I will definitely recommend the service.

Denise, 36

I thoroughly enjoyed the personal stylist, I found out what suits my body shape.

Lauren, 16

Thank you for taking me round. It was my 1st experience of personal shopping and it was fab. Carlene was fantastic and very helpful would definitely come again and recommend her.

Maria, 44

Highly recommended! Never did anything like this before. Would definitely do again for special occasion or warbdrobe refresh. Carlene knows her stuff and selected a dress I wouldn’t of dreamed of picking.

Leanne, 36

I was more than happy with Carlene’s help. She was polite, very to the point and good at identifying what looked good and what didn’t. I am very thankful for her help.

Turrell, 16

Absolutely fantastic service. Carlene, knows exactly what she is talking bout and nothing was too much trouble. I’m not really into shopping but she makes it so easy and fun. Thank you so much! xx

Laura, 28

Very friendly+ approachable. Good knowledge and has given me some very useful advice. Would recommend + hopefully return.

Laura, 37

I have had a fantastic morning! I was apprehensive about the appointment as I find shopping difficult and stressful, but I was made to feel immediately comfortable. I was given friendly, however and very helpful advice and I am so pleased with what I have bought.

Sarah, 36