London Fashion Week 28/09/2017 – Posted in: Events, Fashion Styling, Latest News, Personal Styling

Street Style Special

I am fortunate to have visited many fashion destinations around the world such as Paris,

Milan, Dubai, Barcelona, Amsterdam and Singapore to name a few but (with bias) I believe I happen to live in THE best fashion city in the World! LONDON. Not only do I live in London I am a born and bred Londoner; saying that, I do really love Milan and Dubai and could easily be persuaded to rethink my audacious statement. It could also be deemed as a premature statement considering I have not yet visited NEW YORK!!! *SHOCK HORROR FACE*. Perhaps it should be next on the travel list!

The thing that makes London and Fashion a cute couple is that no outfit choice is ever too ‘out there’. If you take a stroll along Oxford Street during LFW, you will see everything from high end designer looks to possibly someone in drag and the majority of us wouldn’t even bat an eye lid! Why? Because it’s expected, in London, anything goes! Every personal fashion decision is accepted and this is what makes London special to me.

I love this first look; the contrast of a romantic dress styled with high top vans is what making fashion personal is all about! And this lace number teamed with leopard print! OMG I am all over that. Who thought wearing floor length ruffles could look this edgy?

If London could come alive any more than it already is, it would be during LFW, when the fashion community not only bring out their Sunday best but they bring their ‘best best’! During this week you will see the most creative and fashionable ensembles on show for the world to see, and I am not referring to the designer shows but the style on the streets, in between the shows. And what better way to pass the time than to people watch and style spot? Many of the fashionistas were embracing the colour red which we know is a big tend for this season. I love that the pant suit trend can be made even more powerful if you opt for red!

I was really glad to see this chunky knit teamed with a pretty dress and shoes. I’m always advising clients to mix fabrics/materials to create the look they want. It’s not an obvious combo but it’s one that works if your personality can carry it. It’s about creating your own personal style rather than thinking you have to team an evening jacket with an evening dress. And this group of ladies demonstrate this perfectly… fashion is fun especially when shared with friends! One of my longest standing school friends Sarah and I are subconsciously in ‘fashion tune’ with each other… we don’t shop together but end up buying the exact same items but always styling it in differently. These ladies look fabulous with individual personal style choices which make each individually stand out. #friendgoals

Let’s not forget fashion week is not reserved for just us ladies, the fashion conscious man too has the streets to strut his stuff too… Feast your eyes on these fashionable fellas. And it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t feature one of my favourite men’s wear designers Ozwald Boateng… how sharp is his outfit and the colour (teal) is spot on! When you wear the right colours for you, you will always look good. And remember what I was saying earlier about creating your own personal style? Well look at Mr. Reebok Classics… yasssss! #Winning

The street style at LFW this year did not cease to disappoint and we certainly enjoyed bringing you this blog. Feel free to comment below with your thoughts on LFW street style this Autumn.