Makeover Event 20/05/2016 – Posted in: Personal Styling

For the last month or so Intu Lakeside have been holding an online competition; this competition allows you or a family member/friend to nominate someone who you feel deserves a day of pampering and a chance to be styled by ME.

After running this competition on Facebook we had chosen our winners! We had 4 finalists all whom were worthy winners! Pauline was the first chosen finalist who nominated herself due to her AMAZING 165lb weight lost, she felt now she had lost this huge amount of weight she needed help with dressing for her daughter’s wedding later this year! Next was Nikki the youngest finalist, she as well nominated herself as she felt she was stuck in a typical ‘mum rut’ of just wearing jeans and baggy tops and wanted a makeover overhaul! Nominated by her daughters Pamela, 63 was chosen because of her family orientated lifestyle, her family informed us of her involvement with her grandchildren and the supports she gives to them all whilst they juggle their working lifestyle.

Last but certainly not least was a gent! Tony was nominated by this wife who felt her partner needed some help with his everyday wardrobe; stepping away from teenage like t-shirts and hoodies.

Now we had our 4 finalists we began the makeover!! Two days before the event at Intu Lakeside we shopped for all the looks that we felt the winners would look superb in! We had previously had individual consultations with them regarding size, personality and shape; we also discussed with them our ideas behind their new look!

After gathering all the clothing items we needed we waited patiently for the day to arrive….we were so excited! Once the day arrived it was all GOGOGO. We had filming crews throughout the day capturing each moment of the day with the finalists. We prepped the ‘big reveal’ area with a great red carpet and began with pre-fitting all finalists in their chosen outfits; they loved them! (phew, my work was done) Throughout the day the rest of my team took each winner to their appointments at selected hairdressers and make artists in the centre. We visited Toni and Guy, Rush, Lancôme, Estee Lauder, Mac and Cut for Men.

Each winner was preened and perfected with beautiful new hairstyles, cuts and some amazing makeup! They all looked fantastic! Once they finished we headed back to the room, got dressed and the show began! The big reveal started at 4 and by then a crowd had already built in the Central Atrium, alongside the red carpet were friends and family of the contestants all beaming with smiles and bursting with excitement! All 4 winners took to the red carpet individually whilst I commentating through their looks! They crowd seemed very impressed and their families were shocked, some were reduced to tears!! (nearly had me at one point!)

We had a fantastic day with all of the winners and we were so pleased that they all loved their looks! Some even went back that day and brought the outfits! Thank you to all of the team involved in this event and of course the retailers who were a big part in their transformations! If you are interested in having FREE makeovers, why not contact me in the Personal Stylist Lounge? Email my team at