Met Gala 03/05/2016 – Posted in: Awards

Met Gala, now was that a good awards night or what?! I mean did everyone say some of the looks on the red carpet? Talk about making an entrance!! Well after much deliberation I have chosen my top 3 looks for the Met Gala Ball. First up we have Zoe Saldana wearing Dolce and Gabbana, this dress just oozed impact, the fact the dress looked 3D and like the skirt was made out of real flowers just made it even more natural. The dress is very on trend for the season and is simply stunning!!

Next we have Jourdan Dunn wearing Balmain by Oliver Rousteing. I love this collection firstly, the idea of making the clothing very man made and quite robotic makes it works even better when worn on a human body; lets admire her figure for a second! The metallic features and shimmer really stands out and works well with her body shape, her simply short hair work wonders allowing the dress to take centre stage.

Last but by no means least, is Clare Danes wearing Zac Posen. This dress certainly caused a storm across the media with her being a firm favourite for pretty much all fashion figures. This dress was built and designer for Clare in particular and represents a futuristic fashion of LED lighting, another quite man made feature; salute to the theme of the night! The luminous, picturesque and glitter appeal literally made Clare shine on the night and look like a modern Cinderella for all to see!