Student Night 06/10/2016 – Posted in: Intu Lakeside

STUDENT NIGHT IS BACK! A night dedicated to all the hard-working students out there who can have a night packed of discounts, freebies and live music with celebrity guests! (Of course we weren’t students) however working at Intu Lakeside has its perks! First on our agenda was of course hitting the shops!

With almost all stores offering 20% off we could NOT resist!! Not only this but food places such as Wagamamas and Nandos had set up a Spinning Wheel which entitled each student to one free spin; within this you could win a free drink, side or WHOLE meal! We also had a live DJ on the night which made the atmosphere fantastic!! Intu Lakeside had a great turn out!!!

My favourite event of the evening with the Results with Lucy stand, the UKS number 1 online Fitness site for women run by TOWIE star Lucy Meck! The stand was great fun because they hosted the ‘BFF Squat Challenge.’ This challenge involved you and a friend back to back in a squat position battling it out to hold the position for the longest time! The winners received £300!!!!

Of course I had to have a go alongside my friend from work but unfortunately we only lasted 1min 19 seconds….it is so much harder than it looks!!!! In the end the winners held their squat for 6 minutes!! (That’s insane!!) Claire our social media whizz also met Lucy Meck on the night; check out my instagram to see the photos!