Stylist Live 12/11/2017 – Posted in: Fashion Styling, Latest News

It’s rare for me to moan about work or not to have a good day on the job but Friday was an exceptionally nice work ‘day out’.

Typically, days out for me consist of taking my Son somewhere ‘kid friendly’ which is not always as fun for me as it is for him. But Friday was an exception; I spent the day at STYLIST LIVE at the Olympia, in London, and it did not disappoint! I have visited in the past but this time my colleague and I were gifted Stylist LIVE VIP passes and of course the red-carpet treatment.

Once we stepped off the train at Olympia, it was apparent the fashionistas were in town! There were pairs, groups and even women on their own, of all ages, shapes and sizes, visibly excited by the HUGE shimmering ‘Stylist’ sign propped up just outside the venue. Clearly a very clever marketing idea as everyone who walked past it stopped for a photo, including US!

I have to be honest, once we had checked in, recived our VIP passes and map of the event we were headed straight for the Gordon’s pink gin bar for our complimentary cocktail, but was stopped in our tracks by the opportunity to grace the ‘cover’ of Stylist mag. Over on the right hand side of the event was a cool photo machine which took your picture and printed it straight onto a ‘cover’ of the mag. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be a cover girl? Poses at the ready, as they only gave you 1 shot (thankfully the man was kind enough and gave us 2 as Ella wasn’t looking at the camera but at herself)! 3,2,1, VOGUE.. The pictue came out stunning and it now sits proudly on my mantle as a visual reminder to aspire to 😉 Pictures in hand and we’re off back on our mission! Next stop, the bar, it was only midday but it was a Friday and it wasn’t any bar but a Gordon’s premium pink gin cocktail bar placed strategically in the middle of the event, so a very worthy cause. It seldom happens in fact I would go as far as saying it has never happened that on my typical days out with my Son there is a bar he he.

The event hosted more than 200 pop-up shops offering free beauty, skincare, hair treatments and an exclusive shopping experience. We came across many brands which are not on the high street. The vendors were bubbly and eager to take us through their collections and products which made buying from them easy. And buy, we did! Clothing, alcohol, keyrings, tea! The brands in the main hall were very generous with their samples; I like when brands are sure of their products so they give you the opportunity to try before you buy!

The VIP experience was magical and there was lots going on to keep us entertained. We received a complimentary drink upon arrival and we had access to all open stage sessions and talks. The highlight for me was the Stylist Catwalk show supported by Babyliss where we received priority access. The Stylist team chose 5 trends and each trend had roughly 7 catwalk looks. I really enjoyed seeing how they styled these and was eager to see which brands they were showcasing. It was nice to see a variety of brands mixed to create stylish wearable looks.

We had the choice of complimentary hair treatment, make-up treatment or file and polish manicure, one THRIVE stage session of our choice, complimentary cocktails, complimentary food and drink, free cloakroom, phone charging, concierge and more including a grazing station which we could pop to when we were feeling peck-ish! All the snacks were healthy which was ideal so we didn’t feel guilty stocking up. However, I have one complaint (a big complaint for me actually) 1. How long the queue was for the complimentary burger and 2. When I reached the front of the queue to find out that they were ‘plant based burgers’. WTF. Why were only the vegans catered for? What about us meat eaters? I have nothing against vegans believe me but I am having a voice for the non-vegans out here and I would have preferred a beef burger. There was absolutely no choice if you choose not to be vegan and that, in my opinion, is not equal rights for all. Anyway… next time I know what to expect and perhaps I will now take my mums advice which is always to eat before you leave the house! Haha.

On the flip side, something I am not complaining about is how generous the freakin’ goody bag was, worth over £150!!! And they didn’t lie guys… Check it out for yourself…

If you have never been to Stylist Live before it is worth going… especially if you have a love of fashion, beauty, make-up and things alike. It especially makes a great day out with the girls or work colleagues. There is a lot to experience together and they had quite a few, what I would call, social spaces where you could just sit and chat or sit and design a Stylist cover…crayons and colouring pencils and all! A worthy day out. Thanks to Moo & Goo and intu Lakeside for the privilege.