Stylist’s top tips 13/09/2017 – Posted in: Fashion Styling, Latest News, Personal Styling

‘How to buy the perfect work trousers’

The new season collections are in stores and just waiting for a new

home (in your wardrobes)! My bookings have doubled since the start of the September as excited clients are eager to update their autumn/winter wardrobes with everything from cosy knits to the new power suits.

We will be blogging on the trends in the coming weeks but for now I want to concentrate on wardrobe staples; those well-fitting and great quality pieces we should all possess. Staple items remind me of the key ingredients to your favourite recipe, they are the basics you need to create the dish. The extra ingredients/seasonings you choose to add create your own signature recipe I liken this to the extra pieces you add to your wardrobe staples to create your individual personal style.

Whilst shopping with and styling clients there are a few pieces which need a little more time conquer; the piece I am blogging about today are ‘work trousers’. During my recent styling appointments the need to find the perfect fitting work trousers have been top of every list. This blog will offer some tips on ‘how to find the perfect work trouser’; as I am guessing there are many more women struggling with this issue?

Top 3 trouser tips

Top tip 1 – ‘buy for your shape’
I cannot stress enough how important it is to buy clothing to work with your shape rather than against it. What do I mean by this? I am an hour glass figure which means I have a high, small waist, with medium sized thighs which are shapely. My leg gradually becomes thinner from the bottom of my thighs into my knee, calf then ankle. So I need a trouser style which follows my shape. The shape of a wide leg trouser would not compliment the shape of my leg or compliment the top half of my body. The styles I prefer for my shape are a high rise taper, a high rise skinny or a slim leg trouser. In regards to length, I like the ankle grazer which works well with flats, heels or trainers.

Although I do not wear many trousers (I prefer jeans or dresses) I do have my eye on this Topshop pair to add to my aw17 wardrobe staples. The high waist will work well for me and the length is great for those days I have to be running around in trainers or flats but still want to look smart and stylish.

Top tip 2: ‘buy the right size’
Now this may sound obvious BUT many women seem to go with the size they ‘think’ they are rather than the size that actually fits. Trousers should not be too tight nor should they be too loose! If you are trying the right style for your shape but your trousers are baggy in the crouch area or not sitting in the right place on your waist then simply try a different size. In my experience many women cannot get their head around buying a bigger or even smaller size but if that is the pair that fit you best then just roll with it.

Top tip 3: ‘black trousers are not staples for everyone’
This myth of black goes with everything simply needs to be BUSTED!!! The colour black is not in everybody’s palettes so not everyone should own black trousers. It’s actually far more slimming, flattering and complimentary to wear colours which work for you, personally. If you want a couple of neutral pairs of trousers to update your staple wardrobe why not go for navy, grey, brown, pewter, taupe or even a pattern? You will be surprised how these colours compliment a patterned blouse, chuncky knit or formal shirt.

Let me know your shopping trouser dilemmas in the comments box below or if you need help finding great fitting work trousers then book personal styling session with yours truly.