What to wear? No! How should I wear my party hair? 30/10/2017 – Posted in: Latest News, Personal Styling

When it comes to a styling session with clients, I am now asked more than ever for my advice on hair, beauty and make-up! First and foremost, clients book me as they want fabulous outfits for parties, weddings, dates, works events etc but they also want to know what hair style will work with their new outfit and whether they should go smoky eye or bold lip! It’s about the whole package. Thinking about it, this makes perfect sense for them to ask me, the person they trust to style them. However, I know my limits and although I don’t personally style hair or apply make-up I have forged strong relationships with brands which do. This allows me to advise clients independently on the best brands suited to their needs.

As the festive season approaches now is the best time to not only think about what to wear but also how to style your hair for the occasion. I always advise my clients to think about their whole image, not just the outfit, this way you can be sure to make the best impact. And we all know when you look good you feel good also which in turn builds confidence and self-esteem.

There are two styles which I personally love, and I know which suit me, so they are my ‘go-to’ choices for party hair. A top knot (with bangs) as seen here on the gorgeous Kelly Rowland from Destiny’s Child works well for the shape of my face. There is something about having my hair all scrapped up into one that leaves me feeling free to enjoy my night without any curls or styles dropping out before I have even left my house. With this simple up-do I can experiment with my make-up as there is less to contend with. This style also allows for the on-trend statement earring to make an appearance without the threat of being overshadowed by some big curls. With this style the neck and shoulders are now free for a choice of neckline on a dress or top; boat neck, off the shoulder, cold shoulder, deep V and high neck compliment this hairstyle perfectly.

The other style I love is a straight, long style with a middle parting; this style is classic, timeless, understated yet seems to do the job every time! No fuss, easy to maintain, sleek and sexy! I tend to rock this hairstyle the most and it works with well with more of my busier outfits.

No matter your hair type curls is always a fabulous option and I say the bigger the better! With the right outfit, a big curly do can really set the party tone! And if you are a bit of a head banger (unlike me) then this style will leave you free to do just that without worrying whether you will mess up the hair you spent hours doing.

Why not try something new for the approaching party season? If you need some tips get in touch and I would be happy to point you in the right direction.